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photo by Yury Rost

Ilyenkov▓s grave at
Novodevichje cemetery

   I never thought it possible (at least, for myself) √ to snapshot the process of creation. At best, its result.
   But here is the photograph of the remarkable philosopher Evald Vasilyevich Ilyenkov. He▓s thinking... or just my camera reflected thought?
   ╚Life is not a scheme, of course. However, behind the variety of its forms and phenomena one should see the law governing all things and making its motley to be lucid and plain...╩ He would be seeking this law for the rest of his life, exploring the nature of human consciousness. He had not, probably, found it out, but advanced us (in extremely severe conditions for thinking) to the comprehension of it.
   Perhaps, while the indelicate camera clicked the shutter, he was en route.
   Now we can only guess. Or to read the texts he left us as a memento.

Yury Rost