Spinoza’s Writings

Hrsg. von Carl Gebhardt
Heidelberg: Carl Winters, 1925. 4 Bände.

Spinoza, Benedict (Baruch) de, 1632-1677, by Edwin Curley
из «Encyclopedia of Philosophy» (2006), 2nd ed., vol. 9
Spinoza’s life and works, by W.N.A. Klever
from «The Cambridge Companion to Spinoza»
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Biographical Note
from «Benedict de Spinoza», by H.F. Hallett
Chapter XXII: Spinoza: 1632-77
from «The Story of Civilization», by Will and Ariel Durant
Russian Bibliography
Russian translations of Spinoza’s works
and studies of his philosophy, 1833-1994,
bilingual: Russian — English
from Studia Spinozana, vol. 12 (1996)
djvu, 1 mb
Will Durant

The Story of Philosophy

Harold F. Hallett

Spinoza’s Conception of Eternity
On a Reputed Equivoque in the Philosophy of Spinoza

Fritz Kaufmann

Spinoza’s System as Theory of Expression

Martial Gueroult

Spinoza, I: Dieu (Ethique, I).

William A. Earle

The Ontological Argument in Spinoza

Paul Eisenberg

How to Understand «De Intellectus Emendatione»

Vesa Oittinen

Spinozistische Dialektik

Amihud Gilead

Spinoza’s Principium Individuationis and Personal Identity
The Problem of Immediate Evidence: The Case of Spinoza and Hegel
Human Affects as Properties of Cognitions in Spinoza’s Philosophical Psychotherapy
Substance, Attributes, and Spinoza’s Monistic Pluralism

Ewald V. Iljenkov,
Lev K. Naumenko

Tre secoli di immortalità

Hagae Comitis curis Societatis Spinozanae, 1921-1927

Chronicon Spinozanum tomus primus (1921)
tomus alter (1922)
tomus tertius (1923)
tomus quartus (1924-1926)
tomus quintus (1927)

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Spinoza. L'homme qui a révolutionné la philosophie
«Le Point», 1817 (12 juillet 2007)
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Le Point cover
symposium affiche

Proceedings of the International Symposium
«The Modernity of Spinoza»
Moscow, 15-16 November 2007


«New Literary Revue»
  Petr Rezvyh (in Russian)

«Rivista di storia della filosofia»
  Maria Friedland

«Historia Philosophica»
  Lorenzo Vinciguerra

Советский Спиноза. Презентация PowerPoint

Soviet Spinoza:
Faith searching for understanding

presented at «Spinoza in Soviet Thought»
Helsinki Symposium, 18-19 May 2012
ppt 5 mb

Spinoza's seal